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But she said the indignity of living on the streets

Kids love French toast. And hard cooked eggs can be made in advance and refrigerated up to four days; they can be part of a great portable breakfast. Scrambled eggs are fast and easy and you can use just the egg whites or do two eggs and use just one yolk.

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Is what Dolphins cornerback Richard Marshall (back) is living

Near the end of the list, on page 32, is this beautiful woman Aran sweater with a yoke from Judy Lamb, the Briar Rose Cardigan. I have to mention this because (1) it made in Simply Soft (my favorite yarn), and (2) it has the birdcage cable in it and (3) it not a traditional shape, but it has traditional cables. It also the sort of shape that is flattering on most body types.

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Then, there is the short of Spyglass

During last year’s AT the greens in regulation percentage on Spyglass was only 58 percent, 11th lowest on tour. Then, there is the short of Spyglass. While the course’s length gets the most attention, the course has one of the Tour’s meanest par 3s.

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