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[11] On 12 July, Dreja contacted session drummer Paul Francis,

Glen Helen: County catfish plants are weekly through the rest of the summer season and the bite has been good on nightcrawlers, shrimp, and mackerel. Most of the cats are from 1 1/2 to two pounds. Carlos Morales, San Bernardino, landed three catfish to 3.35 pounds fishing shrimp in the small lake.

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Replica Bags Yardbirds, with a final gig at the Luton College of Technology, on 7 July 1968,[10] members Page, bass player Chris Dreja, and manager Peter Grant resolved to continue as a blues rock combo Fake Designer Bags, initially to play out a previously booked 10 day tour of Scandinavia, dubbed by the media as The New Yardbirds. With the line up unsettled Replica Handbags, session drummers Clem Cattini, Aynsley Dunbar, and singer Steve Marriott were considered for auditions and Page also briefly toyed with the idea of inviting back original Yardbird Anthony ‘Top’ Topham on rhythm guitar.[11] On 12 July, Dreja contacted session drummer Paul Francis, but he was about to leave London for Germany and could not commit to the new line up. Session man, arranger Replica Designer Handbags, bass player and keyboardist John Paul Jones then offered his services to the new group after seeing an article in Disc magazine on the Yardbird’s future plans, which Page kept in mind after a phone call he received on 19 July 1968.[12] Filling the vocal and drummer spots were more of a dilemma Replica Bags.

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