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Eight young people were arrested and taken to Juvenile Court

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Handbags Chloe Replica Minutes after the Wolfchase incident Replica Chloe, MPD sent several units to Oak Court amid reports of large crowds of juveniles “running through the mall and causing a disturbance,” the department’s statement said.Eight young people were arrested and taken to Juvenile Court after disobeying police admonishments to leave the malls. A 33 year old woman was arrested on aggravated assault and other charges after first refusing commands to leave the parking lot, then shifting her car into drive and hitting an officer in the leg.No injuries were reported in Memphis, but the mayhem brought a stern response from the city’s top cop.Rallings first addressed the mall incidents at a council meeting where he accused parents of using malls as babysitters and said the shopping meccas needed to provide more private security. He said as the city’s police force has shrunk and cannot continue to devote a large number of officers to mall details during the holidays.Oak Court officials wouldn’t address Rallings’ statements about more mall security, but did give a statement: “We appreciate our close working relationship with the Memphis Police Department and Mayor Strickland Handbags Chloe Replica.

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