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I am proud to be a resident of Santa Barbara because I consider

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Fake Hermes Bags 8.We also need to get out the vote in November.While Nava Hermes Replica Handbags, Hotchkiss and the SBPD attack dispensaries, focusing on what they believe are the ailments of our society, they send a message of prejudice and ignorance to their neighbors and family members who are benefiting from cannabis yet are afraid to speak out because of the unnecessary shame placed upon them.I am proud to be a resident of Santa Barbara because I consider it a progressive community where citizens are allowed to seek personal fulfillment and to prosper in good health.Lets wake up a little and realize that you can overdose on alcohol, coffee, afrin nasal spray, tylenol and just about everything under your kitchen sink but you cannot overdose or die from cannabis consumption. There has not been a single case of lung cancer linked to cannabis smoke alone.Lets keep our kids safe from reality television and genetically modified fruit loops and stop using them as an excuse to ban cannabis dispensaries which serve an important role in our community.What City Council members need to understand is that by closing collectives like HortiPharm they taking away a medical patient right to Safe and Dignified access to their medications.They are proposing no feasible alternatives.A 64 year old woman with bone cancer is unsuited to grow her own cannabis and it is unlikely that a typical home caregiver will possess the skills and knowledge needed to produce cannabis of a high enough grade to be used as medicine.It is also unlikely that an ill and vulnerable patient would feel comfortable calling a delivery service. Which would then send a complete stranger into their home with a limited selection of medications of questionable quality and not obviously apparent origins.Yet these are the only alternatives that Hotchkiss and those supporting a ban can propose.HortiPharm is a legitimate collective with supporting members who are highly specialized in their field making them able to provide their ill patients with true medical grade cannabis as well as educated recommendations to ensure that medicines are used safely.There is a misconception that the supporting members of these collectives are scheming mobsters laundering their copious piles of cash Fake Hermes Bags.

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