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Your well wishes may help

Erick Wujcik’s love of his life, Kathryn Kozora, has cancer and is doing very poorly. I’m hoping a few hundred of you will be kind enough to send her “get well” cards or “thank you” cards, or “thinking of you” cards, or warm and positive letters to cheer her up and buoy her spirits. I’m told her daughter reads her every card and letter she receives. I think getting a bunch from us gamers who she secretly adored from behind the shadow of Erick Wujcik would make her happy.

Though you may never have heard her name, Kay Kozora is important to role-playing games. In addition to being the love of Erick Wujick’s life, and sticking with him through thick and thin for 30+ years, she encouraged his creativity. Without Kay, there might not have been an Amber Role-Playing Game or Amber Con.

To Erick, she was his “Beautiful Kate.” No matter who or how many people might be in the room, when Kay would call him, Erick would pick up his cell phone and say with a smile, “Hello, My Beautiful Kate.” She encouraged all his creative ventures, helped Erick through his bouts of depression (Erick suffered from manic-depression), and they traveled all over the world together.

To me, Kay Kozora has been one of Palladium’s investors and one of our staunchest supporters. She has never bailed on Palladium no matter how bad things got, has never pressured me about money, forgave debts, and is always more concerned about me and my physical health and state of mind than anything else. She is my dear friend and I love her. We all do.

Now she needs our love and support through a difficult period. So I ask of you, please find the time to send this very special lady a card or a note. Anything just to say, “You are special and appreciated.” I’m sure well wishes will improve her spirits. You can also tell her about how special Erick Wujcik was to you. She loves hearing stories about Erick and how he touched people’s lives. It is my understanding she’s too weak to read emails or respond on the computer, which is why I recommend a card or short letter. Send them to:

Kathryn Kozora
310 First Street #10 Apt.
San Rafael, CA 94901-3711

Can my beautiful friend win her battle with cancer? We don’t know. I sure hope so. The planet is a better place with caring and kind people like her and Erick in the world. Our prayers are with you, Kay. Hang tough.

– Kevin Siembieda, September 2011

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